How content marketing can lower your churn rate and boost client retention

client retention and customer churn

They say that your best customers of tomorrow are your customers of today. But companies regularly cite customer churn rate as one of their main problems.

There are many reasons for customers leaving. Poor service, poor communication and a more attractive offer from a competitor are just some.

And this is where content marketing comes in. Through content, you can leverage a valuable, affordable medium to achieve a number of objectives that help you retain clients and even boost business from them.

Companies with high churn rates tend to avoid content marketing, or worse, invest in it but do so ineffectually.

Content marketing can skyrocket your client retention rate by harnessing the power of the following three areas:

1. Customer communication

Part of client communications is to remind your customer that you’re there and that you care about them. That you don’t take their custom for granted.

Communication that is personalised and helpful without being interruptive can strengthen the relationship with your customers. A monthly newsletter; frequent posts on your blog and social media; email marketing; free white papers and so forth are just some of the ways you can use content to drive your communication efforts.

2. Education

There is room for updates from your company and checking in with your customer of course, but it has its place. After all, people want to hear from people who give them value. Can you offer your customers industry insights, how-to articles or videos, checklists, informative webinars or studies that help to solve their problems?

The key is to offer a unique perspective – something that helps you stand out from your competition. And a general rule of thumb is to avoid the temptation to directly sell your product through this content because doing so is proven to actually repel your audience.

3. Branding

Content marketing isn’t about bombarding your customer with blog posts, constant company updates and the like. This could do the opposite of what you want and actually increase churn rate.

Instead, a measured approach with clear principles driving the content marketing strategy can lead to outstanding client retention results. A balanced, consistent blend of high-quality content production and distribution helps with brand recall, loyalty and image.

After all, it is essential to be good at whatever it is you do, but it is of equal importance for your business to be seen to be good at what you do too.

The final word

Client retention is often ignored as a key objective of content marketing but really it can be where it excels best, or at least in tandem with other goals like lead generation. It is simply an outstanding means to reduce customer churn rate, retain customers and to increase business from them.

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Author: Timothy J. Woods

Founder and senior SEO copywriter at Woods Copywriting - content for innovative organisations, including Ogilvy & Mather, Currencycloud, Xotels, Contently, Oanda and many more.