The 5 Things to Look for in a Financial Content Writing Provider

financial content writing provider

So you have a great financial product. Maybe even a brilliant, innovative fintech product. You want to acquire new clients, but you don’t want to appear pushy. You don’t want to appear salesy. Right? This is where a financial content writing services provider comes in.

No one likes to be sold to. No one likes a braggart either.

But you need to show people why you can help them without coming across in a way that makes the lead run into the arms of your competitor. It happens all the time – even when the competitor’s product is inferior to yours. And the reason comes down to persuasion – your company will live or die based on your sales and marketing acumen.

So what to do? Engage your lead. Help them solve their problems with your content. Create a relationship. Educate them. Entertain them. Inform them. Then you go for the sale. And only then.

And to create engaging content, you need an experienced, knowledgeable financial content writer.

Here’s what to look for to ensure you get your hiring decision right first time. Hire based on these five things to look for in a financial writing provider and you’ll be creating that head-turning content in no time:

5 Hallmarks of a Great Financial Content Writing Provider

  1. Pedigree with a proven client list

There are a lot of writers out there. There are even a lot who claim to be copywriters or a “content marketing expert.” How can you separate fact from fiction? Seeing a financial content marketing provider’s client list will provide a massive clue as to their pedigree.

Well-known, prominent international organisations tend to have strict hiring protocols – they hire quality, so it’s about as good an indicator as they come. Does the financial content writing provider have a strong client list of who’s who in traditional finance and fintech?

2. A good financial copywriter has a strong portfolio

The good fintech/financial content marketing services provider has a formidable portfolio of content pieces to back up their claims. Blog posts, feature articles, white papers, ebooks, web copy and offline content that have helped other companies to further their marketing efforts and bring in tangible results.

You’ve probably seen so many articles with a title that gets you to click, only for you to be disappointed with clichéd, regurgitated content that doesn’t really offer anything new. Such content is unfortunately ubiquitous across the web. Is the financial copywriter’s content like this or is it fresh and engaging?

3. Positive reviews from other finance and fintech sector clients

Can anyone vouch for the financial content marketer that you’re considering? A client list and strong portfolio are powerful indicators of the ability and professionalism of the copywriting provider under consideration, but it’s nice to hear the specific thoughts of another company.

Do they have reviews on their website, on their social media pages? If not, can they provide you with written testimonials or case studies? This will allow you to see what other financial organisations think and what you can reasonably expect should you work with them.

4. Writing of premium quality

Taking the time to read through previous writing produced by financial content writing providers will allow you to see for yourself if you like the cut of their gib.

Is the work well-researched? Is it attractive to read? Do they really know what they’re talking about?

Can they optimise your content for search engines so you rank higher in online search? Will they be able to write about the intricacies of your own financial product, your sector and what is important to your buyer persona in an engaging way to support your marketing goals?

5. Professionalism and client service of the highest order

A good financial content marketing services provider knows the importance of great professionalism and client service. Do they communicate clearly and promptly? Do they adhere to deadlines? Do they deliver exactly what they say they will? Are they friendly, professional and agreeable?

And an important consideration that is often overlooked – are they happy to carry out edits until you are completely satisfied with the final product or do they do so reluctantly?

Why Choose Woods Copywriting as your financial content marketing services provider?

Woods Copywriting creates content for the world’s leading financial organisations and innovative fintechs. A few banking clients include JP Morgan, Credit Suisse and Royal Bank of Canada. Some cutting-edge fintechs include Currencycloud, Strands Finance and CrossLend.

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Author: Timothy J. Woods

Founder and senior SEO copywriter at Woods Copywriting - content for innovative organisations, including Ogilvy & Mather, Currencycloud, Xotels, Contently, Oanda and many more.

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